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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Welcome to Italy in Photos and an immersive visual journey through the enchanting town of Anguillara Sabazia: – Anguillara Sabazia is a captivating town located in the Metropolitan City of Rome, Lazio, central Italy. It’s nestled on a small cape on the coast of Lake Bracciano, approximately 30 kilometres north of Rome. The town’s name originates from an ancient Roman villa called “Angularia”, which used to sit where the shore makes a right angle. The local history of the town is deeply tied to the Anguillara family for centuries. The family owned several buildings in Rome, so they did not live year-round at the lake. The town passed from the Orsini’s to the Grillo family rule in 1693. Anguillara Sabazia is a popular destination for tourists, thanks to its medieval centre, beach, and proximity to Rome. It’s also near the small, volcanic Lake Martignano, which is also a favourite among tourists. The two lakes and the surrounding area have been declared a Regional Park and are under strict naturalistic control. Getting to Anguillara Sabazia from Rome is quite easy. You can take a Trenitalia train heading to Bracciano or Viterbo from either of the stations and get off at Anguillara Sabazia. The town has flourished as a tourist destination and weekend getaway for Romans in recent decades. The lakeshore features a pleasant path along it, a dock for ferries to Bracciano and Trevignano Romano, and cafes, restaurants, and shops. The old town sits up above, accessed through a gateway, with a main street that leads to the top and the church, with overlooks and pretty views.

Via Aloisio Anguillara is a street in Anguillara Sabazia, near the lake. It is named after a member of the Anguillara family who was a poet and a diplomat in the 15th century. On this street, you can find Il B&B del Lago, a bed and breakfast that offers rooms with lake views, free Wi-Fi, and breakfast included. (Photos 1-2-3-4-5-6) – Via di Domenico is a street in Anguillara Sabazia which runs from Via di Domenico to the edge of the town. (Photo 7) – Via Maurizio Moris is a street in Anguillara Sabazia which runs from Via Romana to Viale Reginaldo Belloni (Photo 8) – Piazza dei Bastioni is a square in the historic center of Anguillara Sabazia, near the main gate of the town. (Photo 9) – Piazza del Comune is the main square of Anguillara Sabazia, where you can find the Town Hall and the Fountain of the Eels. The Town Hall is located in a former convent of the 17th century, and has a clock tower and a coat of arms of the Anguillara family. The Fountain of the Eels is a small fountain that commemorates the town’s name and its connection to the eel fishing tradition. From this square, you can also enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Bracciano. (Photos 10-11-12-13-14)

Corso Umberto I is a street in Anguillara Sabazia that runs through the historic center of the town. It connects Piazza dei Bastioni, where the main gate and the Palazzo Baronale are located, with Piazza della Collegiata, where the church of Santa Maria Assunta is situated. (Photos 15-17) – Piazza della Collegiata is a street in Anguillara Sabazia which you can find at the end of Via Roma where it meets Corso Umberto I. (Photo 18) – St. Mary of the Assumption is the name of a church in Anguillara Sabazia, located in Piazza della Collegiata. It is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is believed to have been assumed into heaven body and soul. The church was built in the 16th century and has a Baroque facade and a bell tower. The interior has a single nave with six chapels and a wooden ceiling. The main altar has a painting of the Assumption of Mary by Giuseppe Ghezzi. The Assumption of Mary is also a public holiday in Italy, celebrated on August 15th. It is a day of religious processions, festivals and fireworks.

Via del Molo is a street in Anguillara Sabazia that leads to the lakefront of Lake Bracciano. It is a popular spot for tourists and locals who enjoy the scenic views, the boat rides and the water activities. Along Via del Molo, you can find several places to eat and drink, such as Roma Beer Company, a pub that serves craft beers and burgers, and Bar Del Molo Gelateria Artigianale, a gelato shop that offers homemade ice cream and pastries. (Photos 21-22-23) – Piazza del Molo is a square in Anguillara Sabazia that overlooks the lake. It is a charming and lively place where you can enjoy the views, the atmosphere and the local cuisine. You can find many restaurants, bars and gelaterias in Piazza del Molo. You can also take a boat ride from the pier or rent a kayak or a paddle board to explore the lake. Piazza del Molo is accessible from the historic center of Anguillara Sabazia by walking down some steps from the Fountain of the Earth or from the church of St. Mary of the Assumption. (Photos 24-25-26-27)

Via Maurizio Moris is a street in Anguillara Sabazia that runs parallel to the lake. It is a residential area with some shops and services. Via Maurizio Moris is not far from the historic center of Anguillara Sabazia, which is a charming medieval town on a cliff overlooking the lake. (Photo 28) – Lake Bracciano is a beautiful lake of volcanic origin that is located 32 km northwest of Rome. It is the second largest lake in the region and one of the major lakes of Italy. It is also a drinking water reservoir for Rome, so motor boats are banned from the lake, making it a peaceful and clean place to enjoy nature and water activities. Anguillara Sabazia is one of the three towns that border Lake Bracciano, along with Bracciano and Trevignano Romano. It is the closest one to Rome and it has a medieval center that dates back to the 12th century. It was named after an ancient Roman villa called “Angularia” that was located on the shore where the lake makes a right angle. Anguillara Sabazia is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the charm, history and cuisine of this lakeside town.

Cusine Anguillara Sabazia ; -Anguillara Sabazia offers a variety of cuisine options, from traditional Italian dishes to seafood, barbecue, and contemporary cuisine. You can enjoy the local produce, such as vegetables, cheeses, mushrooms, and meats, that are typical of the countryside around Rome:- some dishes that are typical of the Lazio region are: – Carciofi alla romana:- artichokes stuffed with parsley, garlic, and mint, and cooked in olive oil and water. – Cacio e pepe:- pasta with pecorino cheese and black pepper. – Saltimbocca alla roman:- veal slices topped with prosciutto and sage, and cooked in white wine. – Maritozzi con la panna:- sweet buns filled with whipped cream.

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Photo Gallery of Walk in Anguillara Sabazia  – Via Aloisio Anguillra to Viale Reginaldo Belloni
Approximately 1.58 km – 0.98 miles

The walk starts in Via Aloisio Anguillra – Piazza dei Bastioni – Piazza Del Comune – Corso Umberto I – Piazza della Collegiata – walk down the narrow streets to Lungolago – Via della Mola Vecchia – Vicolo del Murato – Piazza del Molo – Viale Reginaldo Belloni.