Italy in Photos

Photos taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italy


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Is a comune of 76,164 inhabitants (1-1-2017) located in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, about 55 kilometres east of Turin in the plain of the Tanaro River. It is the capital of the province of Asti and it is deemed to be the modern capital of Montferrat.

The three neighbouring Provinces of Asti, Cuneo, and Alessandria incorporate the Langhe and Monferrato Hills region in the centre of Piedmont, limestone and sandstone deposits laid down by the retreating Adriatic some 5 million years ago, and are home to some of Italy’s most known red wines, plus some white ones.

Asti is the center of production of the sparkling Asti (DOCG, often known as Asti Spumante). Asti is typically sweet and low in alcohol (often below 8%). It is made solely from the moscato bianco white muscat grape. Other wines include a premium version known as Moscato d’Asti (DOCG) and the red Barbera. Wikipedia

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Video  – Parco della Resistenza to Corso Vittorio Alfieri
Approximately 2.00 km – 1.24 miles

The walk starts in Parco della Resistenza – Corso Alla Vittoria – Piazza Vittorio Alfieri  – Piazza Libertà – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi –  Piazza San Secondo – Via Pietro Gobetti – Corso Vittorio Alfieri – Piazza Roma – Giardini Alganon, Corso Vittorio Alfieri – Corso Vittorio Alfieri – Piazza Fratelli Cairoli – Via Francesco Caracciolo – Piazza Cattedrale – Walk back along Via Francesco Caracciolo to Piazza Fratelli Cairoli, –  Corso Vittorio Alfieri – Via del Varrone – Corso Vittorio Alfieri

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