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Avigliana is a town and comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Torino in the Piemonte region or Italy, with 12,480 inhabitants as of January 1, 2017. It lies about 25 kilometres west of Torino in the Susa valley, on the highway going from Turin to Frejus, France.

It is best known for two maar lakes, Lago Grande and Lago Piccolo. Also nearby is the massive Sacra di San Michele. Avigliana was captured by Emperor Henry VI in 1187, but later it was acquired by Thomas I of Savoy. In 1536, in the course of the Italian Wars, it was again stormed by French troops. French attacks repeated in 1630 and 1690, the latter ending with the destruction of the castle.

It has two gates on the A32 Bardonecchia-Turin motorway. It has also a station on the Turin-Modane railroad. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Walk 1 – Via Bacchiasso to Via S. Pietro
Approximately 1.41 km – o.88 miles

The walk starts in – Via Bacchiasso – Via Sant’Agostino – Corso Laghi – Walk back along to Via S. Pietro – Via S. Pietro

Photo Gallery of Walk 2 – Via Garibaldi to Via Mario Berta
Approximately 1.05 km – 0,65 miles

The walk starts in – Via Garibaldi – Via Oscar Borgesa – Via Garibaldi – Chiesa Parrocchiale dei SS. Giovanni e Pietro, Via Beato Angelico Testa – Via Umberto I – Piazza Conte Rosso – Via Piave – Piazza Conte Rosso – Via Porta Ferrata – Via Umberto I – Via Mario Berta

Photo Gallery of Walk 3 – Via Norberto Rosa to Castello
Approximately 0.52 km – 0.32 miles

The walk starts in Via Norberto Rosa – Sentiero per il Castello – Castello

Video of Walk 1 in

Map of Walk 1 in

Video of Walk 2 in

Map of Walk 2 in

Video of Walk 3 in

Map of Walk 3 in

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