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Is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Verona in the Italian region Veneto, located about 130 kilometres west of Venice and about 25 kilometres northwest of Verona. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, Bardolino borders the following municipalities: Affi, Cavaion Veronese, Costermano, Garda, Lazise, Manerba del Garda, Moniga del Garda, Padenghe sul Garda, and Pastrengo.

Archaeological excavations have proven the presence of humans in the area since prehistoric times, in the area of Cisano. There also traces of ancient Romans, though the modern settlement dates to the early Middle Ages, when Berengar of Italy (983) had a castle built here. In that period the area was under the suzerainty of the Bobbio Abbey.

In the 12th century Bardolino is mentioned as a free commune, and later was under the Scaliger of Verona, who enlarged the fortifications to encompass the whole village. After their fall, it became part of the Republic of Venice which had a marine base here. In 1526 it was sacked by the Landsknechts. Under the Lombardy-Venetia, it was an Austrian administrative center: in 1848 it revolted against them in the wake of the first Piedmontese victories in the First Italian War of Independence. However, later the Austrians retaliated with ravages and shootings. It was annexed to the newly formed Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

The economy is mostly based on tourism and production of wine (including the Bardolino DOC). Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Walk 1 in Bardolino – Via Mirabello to Via Palestro
Approximately 1.40 km – 0.87 miles

The walk starts in Via Mirabello – Lungolago F. Cipriani – Lungolago Roma – Via S. Martino – Parc Piazza Agostino Guerrieri – Via S. Martino – Corso Umberto I – Via Solferino – Plazza Bassani Raimondi – Walk back along Via Solferino – Corso Umberto I – Piazza G. Matteotti – Via Palestro

Photo Gallery of Walk 2 in Bardolino – Vicolo Virgilio to Porto di Bardolino
Approximately 1.99 km – 1.24 miles

The walk starts in Vicolo Virgilio – Via Alessandro Manzoni – Piazza Betteloni – Via Carducci – Piazza Lenotti – Borgo Giuseppe Garibaldi – Piazza San Severo – Via Marconi – Piazza San Severo – Borgo Giuseppe Garibaldi – Via Dante Alighieri – Lungolago C. Preite – Lungolago Francesco Lenotti – Piazza Catullo – Piazza Giacomo Matteotti – Lungolago Francesco Lenotti – Porto di Bardolino, Piazza Principe Amadeo

Video of Walk 1 in

Map of Walk 1 in

Video of Walk 2 in

Map of Walk 2 in

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