Cassino – Abbazia di Montecassino

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Monte Cassino, (sometimes written Montecassino) is a rocky hill about 130 kilometres southeast of Rome, in the Latin Valley, Italy, 2 kilometres to the west of the town of Cassino and 520 m altitude. Site of the Roman town of Casinum, it is best known for its abbey, the first house of the Benedictine Order, having been established by Benedict of Nursia himself around 529. It was for the community of Monte Cassino that the Rule of Saint Benedict was composed.

In 1944 during World War II it was the site of the Battle of Monte Cassino and the building was destroyed by Allied bombing. It was rebuilt after the war. Wikipedia

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 Video 1 – Abbazia di Montecassino

Video 2 – Abbazia di Montecassino Museum & Polish military field of honor Monte Cassino

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