Voulez-vous voir à quoi ressemble cette ville, ville ou village italien, avant de réserver vos vacances? Eh bien, ça devrait être le site pour toi. Toutes les photos ont été prises lors de promenades à travers de nombreuses grandes villes et villes ainsi à travers les petits villages à l’extérieur des lieux. Chaque lieu dispose d’une page dédiée, avec une « Galerie de photos ou galeries » pour chaque promenade individuelle prise au cours de la visite.

This site was created with the famous saying in mind “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”. Many of the places covered are extremely well known, but there are just as many lesser-known places to give you a flavour of this remarkably diverse and beautiful country. We have visited 18 Regions, and 144 places with 7,439 photographs on display in photo galleries and 256 short videos of each walk. The routes taken, are shown with an interactive google map. If you feel inclined, it should be quite easy to follow in our footsteps, or just follow the route using google maps. Over time we will cover all 20 regions and revisit some regions such as Molise and Trentino-Alto Adige, which at the present time, only cover very few places. You can find the Videos & Maps, by going to the bottom of each page and clicking the Red Buttons for Videos and the Mauve Buttons for Maps.

You will also find links to Travel Guides and Blogs for each place and region that is covered on this site. At the present time there are 980 links, to save you the time and effort of having the trawl through search engines for information about a certain place or region. To see these, just click on the black button at the bottom of each page.


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