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Welcome to Italy in Photos, where our stunning imagery will transport you to the heart of Vasto, allowing you to experience the irresistible allure and undeniable charm of this captivating destination: –  Vasto, Italy is a hidden jewel on the coast of Abruzzo, a region in south-central Italy. It is a town with a rich history, a charming medieval centre, and a stunning natural scenery. Whether you are looking for culture, relaxation, or adventure, Vasto has something to offer you. Vasto was founded by the Greek hero Diomedes, according to legend, and was known as Histonium in ancient times. It was a flourishing and opulent town under the Roman Empire, as evidenced by the ruins of a theatre, baths, and other public buildings, as well as numerous mosaics, statues, and columns. One of the most curious inscriptions found in Vasto records the achievement of a young boy who won the prize for Latin poetry in Rome at the age of thirteen. In the Middle Ages, Vasto was called Guastaymonis, Vasto d’Aimone, or Waste d’Aimone, and was ravaged by various invaders, such as the Goths, the Lombards, the Franks, and the Arabs. It was later part of the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, until it became part of the unified Italy in 1860. During the Fascist regime, it was renamed Istonio, but it regained its original name in 1944. Today, Vasto is a popular tourist destination, with a beautiful beach resort on the Adriatic Sea, and a lively cultural and gastronomic scene. The main attractions of the town include the Caldoresco Castle, the Palazzo d’Avalos, the Cathedral of San Giuseppe, and the Piazza Rossetti.  You can also visit the Museo Civico Archeologico, where you can see the works of the painter Filippo Palizzi, who was born in Vasto, and the poet Gabriele Rossetti, who was also a native of the town. If you are looking for more natural beauty, you can explore the Punta d’Erca, a protected nature reserve with a rocky coastline and a lighthouse, where you can see the traditional fishing platforms called trabocchi. You can also enjoy the local cuisine, which features fish and shellfish, as well as the delicious Pecorino cheese made from sheep’s milk. Vasto is a town that will enchant you with its history, culture, and nature. It is a place where you can discover the authentic charm of Abruzzo and experience the hospitality and warmth of its people. Vasto is a town that you will not forget.

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Galerie de photos de la promenade 1 - Via S. Michele à Loggia Amblingh
Environ 1,23 km – 0,76 mille

La promenade commence dans la Via S. Michele – Parco Villa Comunale, Viale Rimembranza – Viale Rimembranza – Piazza Guglielmo Marconi – Via Tre Segni – retour à la Piazza Guglielmo Marconi – Marché municipal de Santa Chiara, Piazza Santa Chiara – Via Sportello – Via Tripoli – Via Santa Maria – Chiesa Santa Maria Maggiore, Via Santa Maria – Via Santa Maria – Piazza del Tomolo – Via Catena – Porta Catena, Loggia Amblingh

Galerie de photos de la promenade 2 - Piazza del Tomolo à Via Adriatica
Environ 0,60 km – 0,37 miles

La promenade commence à Piazza del Tomolo - Via Santa Maria - Via Giosia - Piazza L. V. Pudente  - Cattedrale di San Giuseppe, Piazza L. V. Pudente - Piazza L. V. Pudente - Via Vescovado - Piazza L. V. Pudente - Piazza del Popolo - Via Adriatica

Galerie de photos de la promenade 3 - Corso Dante Alighieri à Via Vittorio Veneto
Environ 1,76 km – 1,09 miles

La promenade commence à Corso Dante Alighieri - Via Palizzi - Via Aimone - retour à Corso Dante Alighieri - Corso Plebiscito - Chiesa di Santa Maria Del Carmine, Via Vescovado - Via Valerico Laccetti - Via Giovanni Pascoli - Piazza Caprioli - Corso de Parma - Piazza Diomède – Piazza Barbacani – Piazza G. Rossetti – Corso Nuova Italia – Via Vittorio Veneto

Galerie de photos de la promenade 4 - Viale della Dalmazia à Lungomare Cordella
Environ 1,98 km – 1,23 mille

La promenade commence à Viale della Dalmazia – Spiaggia di Vasto Marina, Lungomare Cordella – Parco Suriani, Lungomare Cordella – Lungomare Cordella – Viale della Dalmazia – Chiesa di Santa Maria Stella Maris, Via Zara – Lungomare Cordella – Via Gaetano Donizetti- Lungomare Cordella