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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Welcome to Italy in Photos, where we invite you to discover the tranquil Lake Idro – Lake Idro, also known as Lago di Idro, is a hidden gem nestled in the Lombardy region of Italy. At 368 meters above sea level, it stands as the highest of the Lombard prealpine lakes. This tranquil lake, with its crystal-clear waters, is filled by the river Chiese. Its surface area spans 11.4 square kilometres, and its maximum depth reaches 122 meters. Lake Idro lies just around the corner from the famous Lake Garda, offering a quieter alternative for those seeking natural beauty away from the bustling crowds. The drive around the entire lake covers approximately 15 miles, revealing picturesque towns and awe-inspiring mountain vistas. The temperature here can vary significantly from Lake Garda, so pack accordingly – it’s not uncommon for it to drop from 28°C to around 20°C when you stop for that perfect lakeside photo. Crone, a charming district on the east coast of Lake Idro, adds to its allure. Here, you’ll find quaint churches and a sense of tranquillity that contrasts with the more famous neighbouring lake. The churches in Crone, such as S. Martino, offer glimpses into local history and culture. Whether you explore Lake Idro by canoe, pedal boat, or simply take in the breathtaking views, this lesser-known gem promises an escape into nature’s serenity. And if you’re drawn to historical sites, don’t miss the chance to visit Crone’s charming churches – they’re like whispers of time echoing across the water. Unearth the hidden jewels nestled within this captivating Lake, and allow Italy in Photos to capture the true essence of Lake Idro through its lens.

Via Castello is a street in Lemprato which runs from Via Vittorio Veneto Crone to Via Vittorio Veneto, Lemprato (Photo 1) – Via Castello is a dead-end street in Lemprato which can be found Via Vittorio Veneto, Crone (Photos 3-6-7-8-9-10-11) – Via Vittorio Veneto, is a street in Lemprato which runs from Via Roberto Bertini, Lemprato to Via Aldo Moro, Crone (Photos 4-5-15-16-17) – Via San Sabastino, is a street in Lemprato which runs from Via Castello to Via Vittorio Veneto, Crone (Photos 12-13-14) – The Chiesa di San Sebastiano (Church of Saint Sebastian) is a small church located in the village of Lemprato, south of Lake Idro. It is a subsidiary church of the parish of San Michele Arcangelo (Saint Michael the Archangel) in the diocese of Brescia. The church dates back to the 15th-17th centuries and has a simple facade with a triangular pediment and a single nave with a barrel-vaulted ceiling. The church contains some fragments of frescoes on the side walls and a flat apse at the end of the presbytery. The church was renovated several times in the 19th and 20th centuries and restored in 2009. (Photos 9-12) – Via Vittorio Veneto,is a street in Crone which runs from Via Solferino to Via S. Michele (Photos 15-16-17) – Via S. Michele is a street in Crone which runs from Via dei Mille to Piazza MarconiitPhotos 18-19-20-21-23-24-25-26-27-28) – The Chiesa San Michele Arcangelo is a small church located in the village of Crone. It is situated outside the town centre, near the valley of the river Treste, in a green area with a picnic spot. The church dates to the 14th century and has a simple facade with a portal and a window. The interior has a single nave with large side chapels, a vaulted ceiling with frescoes, and a rich altar in the presbytery. (Photos 21-22) – Via Lungo Lago Vittoria is a street in Crone which runs from Via Indipendenzae to Via Lombàrd (Photos 29-30-31) – The Chiesa di San Rocco a small church in Crone can be found in Via Medaglie D’Oro (Photo 32) – Via Medaglie D’Oro is a street in Crone which runs from Via Roma to Via S. Michele (Photos 34-35) – Via Vittorio Veneto is a street in Crone which runs Via della Repubblica to Via Lombàrd (Photos 36-37) – Via Lombàrd is a street in Crone which runs Via Lungo Lago Vittoria to Via Vantone (Photos 38-39) – Lungolago is a path that runs along the side of the lake from Crone to Lemprato (Photos 40-41-42-43-44)

Lake Idro Cusine – Lake Idro is in the Lombardy region of Italy. The cuisine of Lombardy is characterized using ingredients such as meat, cheese, butter, and rice. Here are some typical dishes you might find in this region: – Pizzoccheri alla Valtellinese:- A traditional pasta dish that combines buckwheat pizzoccheri pasta with potatoes and cabbage, which is seasonally replaced by Swiss chard or green beans. – Cotoletta alla Milanese:-  A thinly pounded, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet. – Colomba Pasquale:- A traditional Italian sweet bread prepared for Easter. It is shaped to resemble a dove, covered in sugar, and studded with almonds. – Stracciatella:- A variety of Italian gelato (ice cream), consisting of milk, cream, and sugar, with chocolate bits swirled inside the mixture. – Bresaola:- A stunning salumi from the Valtellina Valley. – Cheeses of Lombardy:- The region is famous for its cheeses including Gorgonzola, Taleggio, and Grana Padano.

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Photo Gallery of Walk 1 – Via Roberto Bertini to Via S. Michele
Approximately 2.14 km – 1.33 miles

The walk starts in Via Roberto Bertini – Via Lungo Lago Vittoria – Via Castello – Via Vittorio Veneto – Via Castello – Via San Sabastino – Via Vittorio Veneto – Via S. Michele

Photo Gallery of Walk 2 – Via S. Michele, Crone to Lungolago, Lemperato
Approximately 2.59 km – 1.61 miles

The walk starts in Via S. Michele – Chiesa San Michele Arcangelo, Via S. Michele – Via S. Michele – Via Lungo Lago Vittoria – Chiesa di San Rocco, Via Medaglie D’Oro – Via Medaglie D’Oro – Via Lungo Lago Vittoria – Via Lombàrd – Via Lungo Lago Vittoria – Lungolago, Crone – Lungolago, Lemperato