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Loreto Aprutino

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Loreto Aprutino is a comune and town in the Province of Pescara in the Abruzzo region of central Italy.

The town was built around a castle and abbey, established by Benedictine monks around the year 1000, and came to political prominence in the eleventh century with the establishment of a county by the Normans. The town would be a stronghold of Swabian and Angevin nobility until the fourteenth century, when a series of great houses would rule Loreto and the surrounding countryside up to the abolition of feudalism: among others, the d’Aquino, the d’Avalos, the Caracciolo, as well as Margaret Habsburg, and Alessandro de’ Medici. A local chronicle, the Breve chronicon Lauretanum, covers the middle decades of the 13th century.

Each spring on the first Monday after Pentecost, the city celebrates the Festa di San Zopito and a parade is held. A child, dressed all in white and wearing a crown of flowers, rides a white ox that is decorated with colored ribbons on its horns and a red mantle bearing an image of San Zopito. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of  Walk 1 –  Strada Provinciale 151 to Via Carlo Bonfiglio
Approximately 0.82 km – 0.51 miles

The walk starts in Strada Provinciale 151 – Piazza Garibaldi – Via Vittorio Veneto – Via degli Aquino – Via Carlo Bonfiglio – Parco Giochi Comunale, Via Carlo Bonfiglio – Via degli Aquino – Via Carlo Bonfiglio

Photo Gallery of  Walk 2 – Via degli Aquino to Via degli Aquino
Approximately 0.62 km – 0.39 miles

The walk starts in Via degli Aquino – Centro Storico – Via del Baio – Salita S. Pietro – Via Cesare Battisti – Via degli Aquino

Video of Walk 1 in
Loreto Aprutino

Map of Walk 1 in
Loreto Aprutino

Video of Walk 2 in
Loreto Aprutino

Map of Walk 2 in
Loreto Aprutino

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