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Mantua is a city and comune in Lombardia, Italy, and capital of the province of the same name. In 2016, It became Italian Capital of Culture. It was named as the European Capital of Gastronomy, included in the Eastern Lombardia District (together with the cities of Bergamo, Brescia, and Cremona).

In 2008, it’s centro storico (old town) and Sabbioneta were declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. The cities historic power and influence under the Gonzaga family has made it one of the main artistic, cultural, and especially musical hubs of Northern Italy and the country as a whole. Having one of the most splendid courts of Europe of the fifteenth, sixteenth, and early seventeenth centuries. Noted for its significant role in the history of opera; the city is also known for its architectural treasures and artifacts, elegant palaces, and the medieval and Renaissance cityscape. The composer Monteverdi premiered his opera L’Orfeo and to where Romeo was banished in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The nearest town to the birthplace of the Roman poet Virgil, who is commemorated by a statue at the lakeside park “Piazza Virgiliana”.

The city is surrounded on three sides by artificial lakes, created during the 12th century as the city’s defence system. These lakes receive water from the Mincio River, a tributary of the Po River which descends from Lago di Garda. The three lakes are called Lago Superiore, Lago di Mezzo, and Lago Inferiore (“Upper”, “Middle”, and “Lower” Lakes, respectively). A fourth lake, Lake Pajolo, which once served as a defensive water ring around the city, dried up at the end of the 18th century. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Walk 1 in Mantua – Vicolo Ospitale to Via S. Giorgio
Approximately 0.95 km – 0.59 miles

The walk starts in Vicolo Ospitale – Chiesa di San Leonardo, Piazza S. Leonardo – Via Alessandro Cavriani – Via Trento – Via Dario Tassoni – Via Giovanni Arrivabene – Via Domenico Fernelli – Piazza Matilde di Canossa – Chiesa della Madonna del Terremoto, Piazza Matilde di Canossa – Via Giuseppe Verdi – Piazza Andrea Mantegna – Basilica di Sant’Andrea, Piazza Andrea Mantegna – Piazza Andrea Mantegna

Photo Gallery of Walk 2 in Mantua – Piazza Erbe to Via S. Giorgi
Approximately 1.99 km – 1.24 miles

The walk starts in Piazza Erbe – Piazza Broletto – Piazza Sordello Giardini di Piazza Lega Lombarda – Piazza Giovanni Paccagnini – Piazzetta S. Barbara – Basilica Palatina di Santa Barbara, Piazzetta S. Barbara, – Piazza Castello – Piazza Sordello – Via S. Giorgio – Lungolago – Via Legnago – walk back along Via Legnago to Lungolago Gonzaga – walk back along Lungolago Gonzaga to Via S. Giorgio

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Map of Walk 1 in

Video of Walk 2 in

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