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Marina di Camerota

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Is an Italian town, the largest Civil parish (frazione) of Camerota, situated in the province of Salerno, Campania. In 2007 it had a population of 2,674. Marina di Camerota lies on the southern side of Cilento, on the Tyrrhenian Sea, and it is the port of its “commune”. The town is 5 km from Camerota, 8 from Palinuro, 25 from Policastro, and 90 from Salerno. The town, located on 40°N parallel, is the southernmost inhabited area of Campania. The town was a place of emigration to South America, especially to Venezuela, in the 19th century. The relationship with the American country is still strong, evidenced, for example, by a statue of Simón Bolívar built in the middle of the village, in front of the harbour side. Wikipedia

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Video – Via Bolivar to Piazza S. Domenico
Approximately 2.42 km – 1.50 miles

The walk starts in Via Bolivar – Via S. Domenico – Via Nazario Sauro – Lungomare Trieste – Via Porto – Lungomare Trieste – Via Armando Diaz – Via Bolivar – Via Antonio Infantini – Piazza S. Domenico