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The comune of Montefalco and a small area of the comune of Bevagna constitute the regulated geographical area for Montefalco wines.

Every year around Easter, the town sponsors a major festival called Settimana Enologica — or Wine Week — where visitors can enjoy the principal wines produced in the area including the comparatively simple red table wine, Montefalco Rosso, the more complex DOCG red wines Sagrantino, for which the area is famous, and the Montefalco Sagrantino secco. Wikipedia

Video 1 – Corso Goffredo Mameli to Piazza del Comune / Corso Goffredo Mameli 
Approximately 0.65 km – 0.40 miles

The walk starts in Corso Goffredo Mameli – Piazza del Comune – Centro Storico – Via Ringhiera Umbra – Piazza del Comune – Vicolo degli Operai – Piazza del Comune – Via Porta Camiano – Piazza del Comune – Corso Goffredo Mameli

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