Italy in Photos

Photos taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italy


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Is a city of Southern Italy, the capital of both the autonomous region of Sicily and the Metropolitan City of Palermo. The city is noted for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout much of its existence; it is over 2,700 years old. Palermo is located in the northwest of the island of Sicily, right by the Gulf of Palermo in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The population of Palermo urban area is estimated by Eurostat to be 855,285, while its metropolitan area is the fifth most populated in Italy with around 1.2 million people. In the central area, the city has a population of around 676,000 people. The inhabitants are known as Palermitani or, poetically, panormiti. The languages spoken by its inhabitants are the Italian language and the Palermitano dialect of the Sicilian language.

Palermo is Sicily’s cultural, economic and tourism capital. It is a city rich in history, culture, art, music and food. Numerous tourists are attracted to the city for its good Mediterranean weather, its renowned gastronomy and restaurants, its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces and buildings, and its nightlife and music. Wikipedia

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Video 1 – Walk along Via della Libertà
Approximately 2.09 km – 1.30 miles

The walk starts at the Statua della Libertà – Via della Libertà – Via Vodige – Via della Libertà – Piazza Alberico Gentili – Fontana Della Ninfa, Piazza Alberico Gentili – Via Duca della Verdura – Giardino Inglese, Via della Libertà – Fontana Giardino Inglese, Via della Libertà –  Statua di Francesco Crispi, Via della Libertà – Via della Libertà

Video 2 – Piazza Ruggiero Settimo to Chiesa di San Giuseppe dei Padri Teatini, Via Vittorio Emanuele
Approximately 1.33 km – 0.83 miles

The walk starts in Piazza Ruggiero Settimo – Piazza Castelnuovo – Palchetto della Musica, Piazza Castelnuovo Via Ruggero Settimo – Piazza Verdi -Teatro Massimo, Piazza Verdi – Via Maqueda – Via Bara All’Olivella – Via Maqueda – Via Orologio – Via Maqueda – Via Alessandro Scarlatti – Via Maqueda – Via Bandiera – Via Maqueda – Via Sant’Agostino – Via Maqueda – Quinto Canto, Via Vittorio Emanuele – Chiesa di San Giuseppe dei Padri Teatini, Via Vittorio Emanuele

Video 3 – Fontana Pretoria, Piazza Pretoria to Porta Nuova
Approximately 1.84 km – 1.14 miles

The walk starts at the Fontana Pretoria, Piazza Pretoria – Via Vittorio Emanuele – Piazza Bologni – Via Vittorio Emanuele – Cattedrale di Palermo, Via Vittorio Emanuele – Piazza Sett’Angeli – Via Simone di Bologna – Via Vittorio Emanuele – Via Pietro Novelli – Via Matteo Bonello – Via Vittorio Emanuele – Piazza della Vittoria – Piazza del Parlamento -Teatro Marmoreo, Piazza del Parlamento – Porta Nuova

Video 4 – Via Duca della Verdura to Porta Felice, Foro Italico Umberto I
Approximately 3.49 km – 2.17 miles

The walk starts in Via Duca della Verdura – Via Piano dell’Ucciardone – Via Enrico Albanese – Via Piano dell’Ucciardone – Via Piano dell’Ucciardone – Piazza delle XIII Vittime – Via Squarcialupo – Largo Cavalieri di Malta – Via Pantelleria – Via Bambinai – Piazza Giovanni Meli –  Via Giovanni Meli – Piazza Fonderia – Piazza Tarzanà – Promenada Palermo, Via Cala – Via Porto Salvo – Via Vittorio Emanuele – Fontana del Garraffo, Via Vittorio Emanuele – Giardino Garibaldi, Piazza Marina – Piazza Marina – Via Vittorio Emanuele – Fountain of Cavallo Marino, Piazzetta Santo Spirito – Piazzetta Santo Spirito – Porta Felice, Foro Italico Umberto I

Video 5 – Foro Italico Umberto to Via Roma
Approximately 3.0 km – 1.86 miles

The walk starts in Foro Italico Umberto I – Parco della Salute Livia Morello, Foro Italico Umberto I – Foro Italico Umberto I – Piazza della Kalsa – Via Nicolò Cervello – Via Lincoln – Stazione Centrale, Piazza Giulio Cesare – Piazza Giulio Cesare – Via Roma – Via S. Cristoforo – Via Roma – Discesa dei Giudici – Via Roma – Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate, Via Roma – Via Roma – Piazza S. Domenico – Via Roma

Orto Botanico, Via Lincoln, Palermo