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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Welcome to Italy in Photos and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Porto Cesareo: – Porto Cesareo is a beautiful town located in the Italian province of Lecce in the Apulia region of south-east Italy. The town is situated on the Ionian coast and boasts a long stretch of beach with sparkling clean seas. The area around the sea of Porto Cesareo is a beautiful example of “Maquis Shrubland”. Beyond the importance of nature, the sea of Porto Cesareo is of fundamental attraction for tourism thanks to the presence of a sandy bottom that remains low for tens of meters and more transparent waters recalling Caribbean atmospheres, as well as due to the large and very long beaches. The water is calm and clear, making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkelling. Porto Cesareo is also home to a nature preserve that is a marine protected area rich in flora and fauna with very rare species. Underwater excursions allow for viewing of the unique coral formations, turtles, sea horses, and other marine life. The town was established as part of Magna Grecia, as evidenced by the Greek statuary found in the area. It was taken over by the Romans and was an important seaport. During the Middle Ages, it was abandoned due to pirate raids, flooding, and malaria. Later, under the lingering feudal system, it was passed around among various noble lords until the end of the 1800s. Travelers attracted by the beaches and turquoise waters brought a redevelopment to the town. Now the marina hosts sailboats and motor craft. Colourful wooden fishing boats bob in the water of the bay. Low rocky bluffs offer coves and snorkelling holes. Porto Cesareo has a beach-town atmosphere with loads of restaurants, cafes, and some discos. The main focus is on the water and the beach, and the townspeople maintain their active fishing fleet, along with agricultural endeavours on the fertile plains that stretch inland behind the town. Porto Cesareo is a picturesque town with a rich history, stunning beaches, and crystal-clear waters. It is a perfect destination for those who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Strada Provinciale SP286 is a road in Porto Cesareo which runs from the outskirts of the town to Via Giuseppe Garibaldi.(Photos 1-2-3-4-5) – Via Riccione is a street in Porto Cesareo which runs from the Strada Provinciale SP286 to Via Martin Luther King. (Photo 6) – Lungomare a path by the sea which runs from the Via Riccione to Via Vincenzo Monti.(Photos 6-7-8-9-10-11) – Via Vincenzo Monti is a street in Porto Cesareo which runs from Via Silvio Pellico to Via dei Bacini.(Photo 12-23-24) – Via Silvio Pellico is a street in Porto Cesareo which runs from Via Vincenzo Monti to Piazza Nazario Sauro. (Photo 13) – Lungomare Raffaele Sambati is a street in Porto Cesareo which runs from Via Silvio Pellico to Piazza Nazario Sauro.(Photos 14-15) – Piazza Nazario Sauro is a charming square located in Porto Cesareo. The square is likely bustling with cafes, gelaterias, and restaurants where you can savor Italian delicacies while soaking in the sun. (Photos 16-17-18-19-20) – Via Ludovico Muratori is a street in Porto Cesareo which runs from Piazza Nazario Sauro to Via Francesco Cilea.(Photos 21-22) – Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Help) is a revered title of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Catholicism. The veneration centres around a 15th-century Byzantine icon known as Our Mother of Perpetual Succour. The icon depicts the Mother of God holding the Divine Child, while the Archangels Michael and Gabriel present the instruments of Christ’s Passion before Him. The image is painted on wood with a background of gold and is Byzantine in style. It is believed to have been created in the 13th century. (Photo 24)

Porto Cesareo Cuisine: – Porto Cesareo, located in the beautiful region of Apulia is renowned for its exquisite seafood. The crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea provide a bounty of fresh fish and shellfish that are central to the local cuisine. Here are some specialities you might find in Porto Cesareo: – Seafood: With a variety of restaurants like L’Aragosta da Cò, you can expect to indulge in dishes made with the freshest seafood, from grilled fish to sumptuous seafood pasta. – Mediterranean Cuisine: The Mediterranean diet is celebrated here, with olive oil, fresh vegetables, and a variety of fish and meats prepared with a creative touch. – Pizzeria with Wood Oven: For those who love a good pizza, places like Da Antimo offer a traditional local experience with a wood-fired oven, enhancing the flavour of this Italian classic. – Local Wines: Complement your meal with a glass of fine local wine, which is an integral part of the dining experience in Porto Cesareo.

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Photo Gallery of  Walk – Strada Provinciale SP286 to Via Marzano
Approximately 2.68 km – 1.66 miles

The walk starts in the Strada Provinciale SP286 – Via Riccione – Via Vincenzo Petraroli – Lungomare – Via Vincenzo Monti – Via Silvio Pellico – Via Riviera di Levante – Piazza Nazario Sauro – Piazzale A. Moro – Via Ludovico Muratori – Via Vincenzo Monti