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Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo is a town and comune in the Italian province of Lecce in the Apulia region of south-east Italy. The area around the sea around the town, is a beautiful example of “Maquis Shrubland”. Beyond the importance of nature, the sea of  Porto Cesareo is of fundamental traction for tourism thanks to the presence of a sandy bottom that remains low for tens of meters and more transparent waters recalling Caribbean atmospheres, as well as due to the large and very long beaches.

The coast is characterized by numerous capes, islets and reefs, among which is of particular importance the large island, also known as the Isola dei Conigli (“Rabbits island”), Isola della Malva, Isola della Testa and Lo Scoglio. The great natural and economic consequence of the towns wealth is still represented by the totality of its sea, so valuable that its protection is a National Marine Park was established. In 1971, professor P. Parenzan (from the Museum of Marine Biology) found Iris revoluta (a rare species of Iris) on the islet of Mojuso near the town in the gulf of Taranto, Southern Italy. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of  Walk – Strada Provinciale SP286 to Via Marzano
Approximately 2.68 km – 1.66 miles

The walk starts in the Strada Provinciale SP286 – Via Riccione – Via Vincenzo Petraroli – Lungomare – Via Vincenzo Monti – Via Silvio Pellico – Via Riviera di Levante – Piazza Nazario Sauro – Piazzale A. Moro – Via Ludovico Muratori – Via Vincenzo Monti

Video of Walk in
Porto Cesareo

Map of Walk in
Porto Cesareo

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