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Sarzana is a town, comune (municipality) and former short-lived Catholic bishopric in the Province of La Spezia, of Liguria region, northwestern Italy, 15 kilometres east of La Spezia, on the railway to Pisa, at the point where the railway to Parma diverges to the north. In 2010 it had a population of 21,978.

The position of ot the town, at the entrance to the valley of the Magra (ancient Macra), the boundary between Etruria and Liguria in Roman times, gave it military importance in the Middle Ages. The first mention of the city is found in 983 in a diploma of Otto I; in 1202 the episcopal see was transferred from the ancient Luni, 5 kilometres southeast, to the town.

The town, changed masters more than once, belonging first to Pisa, then to Florence, then to the Banco di S. Giorgio of Genova and from 1572 to dogal Genova itself. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of  Walk – Via Brigata Partigiana Ugo Muccini to Via Cittadella
Approximately 1.53 km – 0.95 miles

The walk starts in Via Brigata Partigiana Ugo Muccini – Via Antonio Gramsci – Piazza Giacomo Matteotti – Via Torrione Stella Nord – Via Torrione S. Francesco – Walk back along Via Torrione S. Francesco to Via Domenico Fiasella – Via Bonaparte – Pieve di Sant’Andrea – Via Mazzini – Campanile Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta Sarzana – Piazza Calandrini – Walk back to Via Mazzini – Piazza Garibaldi – Piazza Cesare Battisti – Walk back to Via Mazzini – Piazza Firmafede – Via Mazzini – Via Cittadella

Video of Walk in

Map of Walk in

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