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Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Tourist & Transport Information for Rome

Our website Italy in Photos aims to showcase the beauty and diversity of Italy for our visitors, who are seeking the best experiences in the country. To help you plan your trip, we have added the Tourist & Transport Information section, where you can find useful details about your chosen destination. We have also curated a selection of tourist websites and blogs, so that you can complement the photos on our site with the insights and tips from these sources. We hope that our website will inspire you to make an informed choice and enjoy your visit to Italy.

The Transport section has links to the nearest airports to the destination along with a link to Trenitalia, the main railway operator in Italy. Most of the places on our site have a railway station, but for the few that don’t, we have added a How to get there link which outlines alternative travel options. For the lakes, we have added the links to the ferry operators and in Venice, the links to the ACTV site for the water taxis.

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Tansport Information

Ciampino Airport
12 km away

Fiumicino Aiport
24 km away

Umbria Aiport
134 km away

Abruzzo Aiport
150 km away