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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Welcome to Italy in Photos and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Varese, a mesmerizing city in in the region of Lombardy: – Varese is a charming city in the north-western part of Lombardy, Italy. It is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, such as the Sacro Monte di Varese, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Lake Varese, a popular destination for water sports and cycling. Varese is also rich in history and culture, with many monuments, churches, and villas to admire. Here are some of the highlights of Varese that you should not miss: – Corso Matteotti: This is the main street of Varese, where you can enjoy shopping and strolling under the arcades. The street is lined with historic houses that used to serve as shops and residences. The pavement is made of pink porphyry, a volcanic material extracted in a nearby valley. – Piazza del Podestà: This is the heart of the historic centre of Varese, where you can see the Palazzo del Pretorio, the former seat of the municipal government, the Palazzo Biumi, a 14th-century palace built by a noble family, and the Monument to the Battle, a bronze statue that commemorates the victory of Garibaldi’s troops in 1859. – Basilica San Vittore: This is the main church of Varese, dating back to the 16th century. It has a Romanesque façade and a Baroque interior, with a dome decorated by frescoes. The church also houses the relics of Saint Victor, the patron saint of Varese. – Villa e Collezione Panza: This is a 18th-century villa that hosts a remarkable collection of contemporary art, including works by Rothko, Kiefer, Turrell, and others. The villa also has a beautiful garden, where you can admire sculptures and installations. – Torre di Velate: This is a medieval tower that stands on a hill overlooking the city. It was built as a defensive structure and later used as a prison. From the top of the tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Varese and its surroundings. – Sacro Monte di Varese: This is a sacred mountain that rises above the city, with a sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary and a series of chapels depicting the mysteries of the rosary. The mountain is a place of pilgrimage and a natural park, where you can hike, bike, or relax. – Lake Varese: This is a lake that lies at the foot of the Sacro Monte, with a circumference of about 28 km. The lake is ideal for sailing, canoeing, rowing, and fishing. There is also a bike path that runs along the shore, offering scenic views of the lake and the mountains. Varese is a city that offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for nature, culture, or adventure. It is also a convenient base to explore other attractions in Lombardy, such as Milan, Como, and Bergamo. Varese is a city that will surprise you with its beauty and charm.

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Photo Gallery of  Walk  – Piazza Cesare Beccaria to Varese Città Giardino
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The walk starts in Piazza Cesare Beccaria – Via Carlo Cattaneo – Via Vetera – Via Felice Cavallotti – Piazza Giosuè Carducci – Via S. Martino Della Battaglia – Via Griffi – Piazza Canonica – Basilica di San Vittore Martire, Piazza Canonica – Piazza Canonica – Vicolo Canonichetta – Via Como – Piazzale Trento – Piazza XX Settembre – Via Vittorio Veneto – Via Marconi Guglielmo – Via Walter Marcobi – Varese Città Giardino