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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Ventimiglia is a beautiful resort city in the province of Imperia, Liguria, northern Italy. It is located near the French border, on the Gulf of Genoa, and has a rich history and culture. The name Ventimiglia comes from the ancient Ligurian dialect “Albium Intemelium”, meaning the capital city of the Intemelii, a Ligurian tribe. The old part of the city, called Ventimiglia Alta, is surrounded by walls and has ancient ruins and churches dating back to the 10th century. It also offers stunning views of the Ligurian sea. Ventimiglia is famous for its open-air market on the boardwalk, where you can find handmade clothing, leather goods, furniture, produce, fish, Italian food specialties, wine, and flowers. The market is held every Friday, but you can also find some stands on other days of the week. It has some of the best beaches in Liguria, such as the Spiaggia dei Balzi Rossi (“Beach of the Red Jumps”), which is part of an archaeological site². You can also enjoy the sun and the sea at Calandre Beach or Le Calandre Beach. Ventimiglia is home to one of the most important libraries in Italy, the Biblioteca Civica Aprosiana, which was founded in 1648 by Tommaso Aprosio and contains over 70,000 volumes, including rare manuscripts and incunabula. It also has a 12th-century castle, Castel d’Appio, which inspired the impressionist painter Claude Monet². The castle is located on a hill overlooking the city and the valley of the Roia river. Ventimiglia hosts an annual flower festival, called Battaglia di Fiori (“Battle of Flowers”), in June. The festival involves a parade of floats decorated with flowers and a competition among them. The festival dates to 1876 and attracts thousands of visitors every year. It has a unique culinary tradition that includes ravioli served cold with tomato sauce or pesto. This dish is called pansotti alla salsa di noci (“pansotti with walnut sauce”) and is typical of the Ligurian cuisine. Ventimiglia is a gem of the Italian Riviera that offers something for everyone: history, art, nature, shopping, gastronomy, and entertainment. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the Italian lifestyle, Ventimiglia is the perfect destination for you.

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Photo Gallery of  Walk 1 –  Piazza della Costituente to Piazza del Canto
Approximately 0.46 km – 0.29 miles

The walk starts in Piazza della Costituente – Via Falerina – Piazza Cattedrale – Parrocchia Cattedrale di Ventimiglia, Piazza Cattedrale – Via Porta Nuova – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi – Oratorio di San Secondo detto “dei neri”, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi – Piazza del Canto

Photo Gallery of  Walk 2 – Via Piemonte to Piazza della Fontana
Approximately 0.58 km – 0.36 miles

The walk starts in Via Piemonte – Piazza Colletta – Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo, Piazza Colletta – Piazza Colletta –  Via Appio – Vico Saonese – Centro Storico – Vico della Torre – Piazza Porta Nizza – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi – Piazza della Fontana

Photo Gallery of  Walk 3 – Piazza della Costituente to  Lungo Roya Rossi / Piazza della Costituente
Approximately 2.25km – 1.40 miles

The walk starts in Piazza della Costituente – Via Aurelia – Lungo Roya Rossi – Largo Torino – Via Cavour – Piazza XX Settembre – Via Cavour – Piazza Falcone Borsellino – Mercato Comunale, Via Aprosio – Via della Repubblica – Giardini Pubblici – Lungo Roia Gerolamo Rossi – Passeggiata Guglielmo Oberdan -Via Milite Ignoto – Via Ernesto Chiappori – Via Roma – Lungo Roya Rossi – Piazza della Costituente