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Photos taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italy


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Is the most populous comune (municipality) and the capital city of the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. It is situated on the shore of Lake Maggiore, about 91 km north-west of Milan and about 40 km from Locarno in Switzerland. It had a population of 30,827 at 1 January 2017.

It faces the city of Stresa lying at a direct distance of 3.7 km across Lake Maggiore, and 16 km by road. The present-day Verbania was created by the 1939 merger of the cities of Intra, Pallanza and Suna, and other frazioni. Since 1992 it has been the capital of the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. A small islet lying a stone’s throw from the shores of the Pallanza frazione and separated from it by a narrow stretch of water just 10 or 15 metres wide, known as the Isolino di San Giovanni, is famous for having been the home of Arturo Toscanini between the years of 1927 and 1952. Wikipedia

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Video 1 – Lungolago Giovanni Palatucci to Viale delle Magnolie
Approximately 2.54 km – 1.56 miles

The walk starts in Lungolago Giovanni Palatucci – Via Vittorio Veneto – Via Vittorio Veneto – Piazza S. Leonardo – Chiesa Parrocchiale di S. Leonardo Pallanza, Piazza S. Leonardo – Piazza S. Leonardo -Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi – Viale delle Magnolie

Video 2 – Vicolo Bella Venezia to Via Ruga
Approximately 2.43 km – 1.51 miles

The walk starts in Vicolo Bella Venezia – Via Antonio Tacchini – Via Luigi Cadorna – Vicolo Bella Venezia – Via Luigi Cadorna – Piazza Antonio Gramsci –  Via Giuseppe Castelli – Piazza Antonio Gramsci – Viale Giuseppe Azari – Walk back along Viale Giuseppe Azari to Piazza Antonio Gramsci – Via Ruga

Villa Taranto Botanical Gardens