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Is a city in northeastern Italy. It is in the Veneto region at the northern base of the Monte Berico, where it straddles the Bacchiglione River. Vicenza is approximately 60 kilometres west of Venice and 200 kilometres east of Milan. Vicenza is a thriving and cosmopolitan city, with a rich history and culture, and many museums, art galleries, piazzas, villas, churches and elegant Renaissance palazzi. With the Palladian Villas of the Veneto in the surrounding area, and his renowned Teatro Olimpico(Olympic Theater), the “city of Palladio” has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.  Wikipedia

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Video 1 – Viale Milano to Piazzetta Andrea Palladio
Approximately 2.29 km – 1.42 miles

The walk  starts in Viale Milano – Piazzale Bologna – Campo Marzo – Viale Venezia – Viale Dalmazia – Viale Eretenio – Ponte Furo – Contrà delle Grazie – Contrà Carpagnon – Contrada Oratorio Dè Proti – Stradella dei Tre Scalini – Contrà Giuseppe Garibaldi – Contrà Fontana – Piazza del Duomo – Contrà Vescovado – Piazza del Duomo – Contrà Giuseppe Garibaldi – Via Cesare Battisti – Contrà Pescherie Vecchie – Contrà Muschieria – Piazzetta andrea palladio

Video 2 – Piazza dei Signori to Corso Andrea Palladio
Approximately 1.48 km – 0.92 miles

The walk starts in Piazza dei Signori – Piazza della Biade – Contrà Daniele Manin – Corso Andrea Palladio – Contrà Santa Corona – Corso Andrea Palladio – Piazza Matteotti – Corso Andrea Palladio

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