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Is a town, comune and former Catholic bishopric in the province of Foggia, in the Apulia region of southeast Italy. A marine resort in  Gargano, Vieste has received Blue Flags for the purity of its waters from the Foundation for Environmental Education. The area covered  by the comune is included in the Gargano National Park.

The town is bordered by Mattinata, Monte Sant’Angelo, Peschici and Vico del Gargano. The coast is interesting from a geological point of view. Next to the town there are two large, straight beaches. The rest of the coast is made up of gulfs and small, hidden sandy beaches. Erosion by water and wind has shaped the calcareous rock into grottoes and arches. Since the coast is steep, some of the finest sights can be reached only by sea. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of  Walk 1 – Località Sant’Andrea to Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo
Approximately 4.55  km – 2.83 miles

The walk starts in Località Sant’Andrea – Lungomare Europa – Via Venezia – Via Daunia – Piazzale Paolo VI’ – Lungomare Europa – Lungomare Amerigo Vespucci – Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo

Photo Gallery of  Walk 2 – Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo to Via Ripe
Approximately 0.88 km – 0.55  miles

The walk starts in Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo – Viale Marinai d’Italia – Corso Lorenzo Fazzini – Piazza della Liberta – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II – Via Pola – Via S. Francesco – Chiesa di San Francesco, Via S. Francesco – Via Ripe

Photo Gallery of  Walk 3 – Via Santa Maria di Merino to Viale Federico II
Approximately km 6.10 – 3.79 miles

The walk starts in Via Santa Maria di Merino – Via Vittorio Veneto – Piazza Centrale – Via Madonna della Libera – Lungomare Enrico Mattei – Via Ruggiero Bonghi – Lungomare Enrico Mattei – Walk back along Lungomare Enrico Mattei to Viale Federico II – Via Nicola Santoro – Viale Federico II

Photo Gallery of  Walk 4 – Piazza Castello to Corso Lorenzo Fazzini
Approximately 0.66 km – 0.41 miles

The walk starts in Piazza Castello – Via Simone Vestano – Via Vescovado – Via Duomo – Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, Via Celestino V – Via Cesare Battisti – Via Monte Grappa – Via Cesare Battisti – Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour – Via Santa Maria di Merino – Corso Lorenzo Fazzini – Parrocchia S. Croce, Via Croce – Corso Lorenzo Fazzini

Video of Walk 1

Map of Walk 1

Video of Walk 2

Map of Walk 2

Video of Walk 3

Map of Walk 3

Video of Walk 4

Map of Walk 4

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