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Walk from Brenzone Sul Garda to Malcesine

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Brenzone is one of the youngest municipal districts, and includes Assenza as part of the 24 villages that make up the municipal district. It is approximately 5 km south of Malcesine. The walk along the shore of the Lago di Garda from Assenaz, passes through the through the pretty little harbour of Cassone before continuing on to Malcesine..

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Video 1 – Part 1 – Lungolago Assenza to Piazza del Torcol, Cassone
Approximately 2.85 km – 1.77 miles

The walk starts in  Lungolago, Brenzone sul Garda – Piazza S. Nicolò, Assenza – Chiesa di San Nicola, Piazza S. Nicolò – Piazza S. Nicolò, Assenza – Lungolago Assenza – Lungolago, Cassone – Via Gardesana, Cassone – Monumento ai Caduti di Cassone – Lungolago, Cassone – Porto Cassone – Lungolago, Cassone – Piazza del Torcol, Cassone

Video 2 – Part 2 – Lungolago Malcesine to Via Lungolago
Approximately 3.73 km – 2.32 miles

The walk starts in Lungolago Malcesine – Via Gardesana – Lungolago Malcesine – Via Val di Sogno – Via Lungolago

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