Due to an imminent WordPress Update which will greatly affect all the custom sidebars used on the site, we are having to redesign the site. All the custom sidebars have been deactivated. We have been adding a Gallery of all the phots taken for a Town City or Village. This is going to take some time as we have only added the phot galleries for the places from A to C. Please bear with us while these changes are being made. Once they have been added we will be able to launch the new redesign site.

Welcome to Italy in Photos

Want to see exactly what that Italian city, town or village looks like, before you book your holiday ? Then “Italy in Photos” is the site for you, with over 6,527 photos in 237 slideshows, covering 116 places and 17 regions of Italy. Over time we will cover all 20 regions, which will mean many days of coping with, wall to wall sunshine, amazing scenery, fabulous food and meeting great people. We know it will be tough, but hey someone must do it.

All the photos were taken on walks through these places. The routes taken, are shown with an interactive google map. If you feel inclined, it should be quite easy to follow in our footsteps, or just follow the route using google maps.

This site was created with the famous saying in mind – A picture paints a thousand words.

Many of the places listed are very well known, but there are just as many lesser known places to give you a flavour of this very diverse and beautiful country.

As it was not possible to travel to Italy earlier this year the translation of the site into Italian, French & German has taken place. Bing Translator was used, so apologies if it is not a perfect translation.


Accommodation is being added to the site for the places that are featured in italyinphotos.com. You can browse through the pages once you have clicked on Accommodation in themain menu. However, to see the accommodation that is available for a particular place, find that page either through Places in Italy or The Regions of Italy. At the bottom of the page, next to Useful Links, click on Accommodation and you will be taken to the first property, for that place. When you click on Accommodation in the main menu, you will see the Properties that have a featured page, with a comprehensive guide to that property’s facilities. To see the featured page clock on the image of the property. If you hover over Accommodation in the main menu, you can find the Accommodation Listing pages. This page just lists the properties details such as Address, Telephone Number, Email Address and details of a Website.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing through these slideshows, perhaps finding inspiration for your next trip, or just reminding you of holidays long ago. If you have, please visit the site in the future to see where we have been, to see our latest updates.

Thank you for visiting our site, from the team at Photos in Italy.