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Bolsena is a town and comune of Italy, in the province of Viterbo in northern Lazio on the eastern shore of Lake Bolsena. It is 10 km north-north west of Montefiascone and 36 km north-west of Viterbo. The ancient Via Cassia, today’s highway SR143, follows the lake shore for some distance, passing through the town. A number of Etruscan tombs have been found in the vicinity of the town. Funerary objects from these tombs are now located in Italy and abroad,including a fine collection in the British Museum.

It is known for a miracle said to have occurred in the Basilica of Santa Cristina in 1263, when a Bohemian priest, in doubt about the doctrine of Transubstantiation, reported bleeding from the host he had consecrated at Mass. The Orvieto Cathedral was eventually built to commemorate the miracle. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Walk 1 – Largo Salvo D’Acquisto to Porto di Bolsena, Viale Armando Diaz
Approximately 1.31 km – 0.81 miles

The walk starts in Largo Salvo D’Acquisto – Via Acqua della Croce – Via IV Novembre – Via Porta Romana – Piazza Santa Cristina – Collegiata di Santa Cristina, Via Giuseppe Mazzini – Corso della Repubblica – Piazza Matteotti – Via Roma – Viale Nord Colesanti – Piazzale Dante Alighieri – Viale Armando Diaz – Porto di Bolsena, Viale Armando Diaz

Photo Gallery of Walk 2 – Viale Armando Diaz to Via Etruria
Approximately 1.42 km – 0.88 miles

The walk starts in Viale Armando Diaz – Viale Cristoforo Colombo – Via Cassia Nord – Via Cassia Vecchia – Piazza S. Giovanni – Via Porta Fiorentina – Piazza S. Rocco – Corso Cavour – Via del Castello – Via Etruria

Photo Gallery of Walk 3 – Via Guglielmo Marconi to Piazza S. Rocco
Approximately 0.36 km – 0.22 miles

The walk starts in Via Guglielmo Marconi – Piazza Monaldeschi – Chiesa di San Salvatore – Piazza Monaldeschi  – Piazza della Rocca – Passaggio da Piazza Monaldeschi a Piazza S. Rocco – Piazza S. Rocco

Video of Walk 1

Map of Walk 1

Video of Walk 2

Map of Walk 2

Video of Walk 3

Map of Walk 3

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