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Is a frazione of the comune (municipality) of Capaccio in Italy. It lies in the province of Salerno which is part of the region of Campania. It is situated on the Tyrrhenian coast and is notable for the ruins of the ancient city of the same name nearby. Paestum was a major ancient Greek city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Magna Graecia (southern Italy). The ruins of Paestum are famous for their three ancient Greek temples in the Doric order, dating from about 600 to 450 BC, which are in a very good state of preservation. The city walls and amphitheatre are largely intact, and the bottom of the walls of many other structures remain, as well as paved roads. The site is open to the public, and there is a modern national museum within it, which also contains the finds from the associated Greek site of Foce del Sele. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Parco Archeologico di Paestum, Paestum

Photo Gallery of Walk in Paestum – Via Magna Graecia to Basilica Paleocristiana della Ss. Annunziata
Approximately km 0.73 – 0.45 miles

The walk starts in Via Magna Graecia – Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Paestum – Piazza Basilica Zona Archeologica – Basilica Paleocristiana della Ss. Annunziata

Video of Parco
Archeologico di Paestum

Video of Walk in

Map of Walk in

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