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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Welcome to Italy in Photos, where we invite you to embark on a journey through the enchanting region of the Cinque Terre, which is a breathtaking area within Liguria. The Cinque Terre, meaning “Five Lands” in Italian, is a captivating coastal area nestled within Liguria, in the northwest of Italy. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a collection of five picturesque villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Each village is a gem, offering a unique blend of traditional Italian beauty and tranquillity. The Cinque Terre region is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and the preservation of its traditional way of life. Over the centuries, people have meticulously built terraces on the rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the azure Ligurian Sea. The villages are connected by paths, trains, and boats, as cars can only reach them with great difficulty from the outside via narrow and precarious mountain roads. Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore are perched on cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Each village has its own charm and character. Monterosso is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Vernazza is famous for its elegant architecture and stunning harbour. Corniglia offers panoramic views from its vantage point atop a hill. Manarola is renowned for its historic vineyards, and Riomaggiore is loved for its quaint houses and narrow streets. The region’s history dates to the 11th century, with Monterosso and Vernazza being the first settlements. The area experienced an economic decline from the 17th to 19th centuries but recovered when an arsenal was built in La Spezia and it gained a railway link to Genoa. Today, Cinque Terre is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its winding alleyways, vineyard-covered hillsides, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re a nature lover, a food enthusiast, or a history buff, Cinque Terre offers something for everyone. From hiking along the famous coastal trails and exploring hidden coves to indulging in local seafood and sipping on delicious Ligurian wines, this destination promises an unforgettable experience. So sit back, relax, and let Cinque Terre take you on a journey through the beauty and charm of this heavenly location.

Monterosso al Mare
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