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Photos taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italy


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Is a town and comune in southern Lazio, central Italy. It takes its name from the Ausones/Aurunci, whose ancient town Ausona (member of the Auruncan Pentapolis), located nearby, was destroyed by the Romans in 314 BC. In the Middle Ages it was known as Fratte. Ausonia is located near the border between Lazio and Campania, in a valley between the Monti Aurunci and the Mainarde. Its names stems from Ausona, an ancient city of the Osci, whose location, however, has not been identified after it was destroyed by the Romans in 314 BC. The finding of Latin inscriptions devoted to Hercules suggest that a pilgrimage road could pass from here in ancient times. The main attraction is the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Piano (15th century, although founded in 1100). Its sacristy has a maiolica pavement from the 17th-century Neapolitan school, and a polyptych by Giovanni Filippo Criscuolo (1531). The crypt has medieval frescoes with stories of the life of St Remicarda. Wikipedia

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Video – Via Provinciale to Vico II Buonarroti
Approximately 0.63 km – 0.39 miles

The walk starts in Via Provinciale – Via Panoramica – Via D. Alighieri – Piazza Mercato – Via D. Alighieri – Via Roma – Passaggio – Via S. Michele – San Michele Arcangelo, Via S. Michele – Via S. Michele – Via Berze’-La-Ville – Piazza Domenico Migliore – Vico II Buonarroti

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