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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Welcome to Italy in Photos, where we invite you to explore the beauty of Bellagio a captivating town on Lake Como in the Lombardia: – Bellagio is a wonderful town on Lake Como, one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. It is often called the “Pearl of Lake Como” for its scenic location, colourful architecture, and romantic atmosphere. Bellagio is a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and gastronomic delights of this region. Here are some of the things you can do in Bellagio: – Explore the historic centre of Bellagio, where you can admire the Basilica of San Giacomo, a Romanesque church from the 12th century, and stroll along the narrow streets and alleys lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants. – Visit the gardens of Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni, two elegant villas that offer stunning views of the lake and the mountains. You can also see exotic plants, sculptures, and fountains in these gardens. – Relax at Punta Spartivento, the tip of the peninsula where Bellagio is located. This is a great spot to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake and its branches. – Take a boat tour or a ferry ride to explore other towns and attractions around Lake Como, such as Varenna, Menaggio, Tremezzina, and Villa Carlotta. – Enjoy the local cuisine and wine, which are influenced by the lake’s fish, the mountain’s cheese, and the nearby regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. You can also try some specialties such as risotto with perch, polenta with missoltini (dried fish), or pizzoccheri (buckwheat pasta with cheese and vegetables). Bellagio is a perfect place to experience the charm and beauty of Lake Como. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway, a cultural adventure, or a gastronomic journey, you will find something to suit your taste in Bellagio.

Hotel Domus Bellagio is located at Via Parrocchiale Bellagio It is a 3-star hotel with air-conditioned rooms and free WiFi. The hotel is situated near the beautiful Lake Como, approximately 2 km from the Villa Melzi Gardens and 2.7 km from the Bellagio Ferry Terminal. The hotel offers a shared lounge, terrace, and views of the lake. An Italian breakfast is available daily in the comfort of your room with prepackaged products or you can enjoy it at a café nearby. (Photos 1-2) – Via Parrocchiale is a street in Bellagio which runs from the SP41 to Piazza Canestri (Photos 3-4-6-7) – Piazza Don G Cantoni is a square located in Bellagio. The square is home to the Chiesa Parrocchiale B.V. Maria Annunciata di Visgnola, a beautiful church that is part of the Bellagio San Giacomo-San Giovanni-Visgnola pastoral unit. (Photo 5) – Piazza Canestri is a very small square in Bellagio with a great pâtisserie, the Pasticceria Sancassani. This where you can have breakfast if you stay at the Hotel Domus. (Photos 8-9) – Via San Martino is a street in Bellagio which runs from Piazza Canestri to just past Chiesa di San Martino (Photos 10-11-12-14) – The Chiesa di San Martino is a small church located at Via S. Martino. It is situated at an altitude of 475 meters on the slopes of Sasso S.Martino above Griante. (Photo 12-13) – Via Nuova is a street in Bellagio which runs from Piazza Canestri to Via per Lecco (Photos 15-16-17-21)

Via per Lecco is part of the SP583 road is a scenic route that connects Torno to Bellagio, two popular destinations around Lake Como in Italy. The road is known for its narrow and winding sections, offering breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. (Photos 19-19-20) – Cimitero Del Borgo is a cemetery located at Via Valassina, 75. It is situated nearby to Bellagio. (Photo 25) – Via Valassina is a street in Bellagio which runs from Viale Domenico Vitalii to Via Giuseppe Garibald (Photos 26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36) – Via Giuseppe Garibald is a street in Bellagio which runs from Via Valassina to Piazza della Chiesa (Photos 37-38-77-78-79-80) – Chiesa di San Giorgio is a church located at Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Bellagio. It is situated in the heart of the historic center of Bellagio, a few steps away from the town hall. The church dates back to the 11th-12th century and is considered one of the most important examples of medieval painting in Bergamo. Inside, you can find a splendid cycle of frescoes from the 12th and 13th centuries, including a large painting of Saint George on a white horse. The church is coeval with the Basilica di San Giacomo, which is the main church in Bellagio. (Photos 37-38) – Parco Martiri della Libertà is a public park located in Bellagio, near the ferry landing. It is a small park that offers a pleasant environment for visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. (Photos 39-4041-42) – Via Lungo Lario Manzoni is a street in Bellagio which runs from Parco Martiri della Libertà to Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini (Photos 43-44-53-54-55-56-57)

Lungolago Europa is a street in Bellagio which runs from opposite the Lido di Bellagio to Via Lungo Lario Manzoni (Photos 45-46-47-48-49-50-51-52) – Salita Serbelloni is a street in Bellagio which runs from Via Lungo Lario Manzoni to Via Giuseppe Garibaldi (Photos 58-59) – Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini is a public square located in Bellagio. It is the most visited place in Bellagio and is home to the piers where ferries from different parts of Lake Como dock. The square also houses the Tourist Office, hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, and ice cream parlors. (Photos 60-61-62-63-64-65-66) – Via Roma is a street in Bellagio which runs from Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini to Via Eugenio Vitali (Photos 67-68)- Via Eugenio Vitali is a street in Bellagio which runs from Via Roma to the small harbour close to Ristorante La Punta (Photos 69-70-71-72-73) – Piazza della Chiesa is a public square located in Bellagio. It is a charming square that houses the Church of San Giacomo, which dates back to the 12th century. The square is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shops, making it a popular spot for tourists to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. (Photo 74) – The Church of San Giacomo is a Roman-Lombard style basilica located in Bellagio, Italy. It was built between 1075 and 1125 by the Masters of Como and is a stupendous example of the Roman-Lombard art. The church has a bell tower on the left side of the facade and is decorated with works of art from different historical periods, including a painting attributed to Perugino, valuable mosaics in three chapels, an archaic cross (XII cent.), a triptych by Foppa (1432), and a polychrome wooden sculpture of the “Buried Christ” of the Spanish-Baroque school. (Photos 74-78) – Salita Plinio is a street in Bellagio which runs from Via Roncati to Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini (Photo 76)

Viale Domenico Vitali is a street in Bellagio which runs Via Valassina to Via Paolo Carcano (Photos 81-82-83-84-85-86-87) – Via Paolo Carcano is a street in Bellagio which runs Viale Domenico Vitali to the SP583 (Photos 88-89-100) –  Piazza Sant’Andrea is a small square just off the Via Paolo Carcano which is home to the Chiesa di Sant’Andrea. (Photos 90-91-92-93) – The Chiesa di Sant’Andrea is a religious building located in Bellagio. It is situated at Piazza Sant’Andrea, Bellagio. The church falls under the category of religious and ritual architecture. It is a Catholic church and is privately owned. Photos (90-91) – The Giardini pubblici is a public garden located at Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bellagio. (Photo 94) – Via Lodovico Loreti is a street in Bellagio which runs Via Paolo Carcano to Piazza S. Giovanni Battista (Photos 95-96) – The Church of San Giovanni Battista in Bellagio is a beautiful church in Bellagio. It was built in 1584 (partly in 1685) on the site of an earlier temple dedicated to Battista, which dates back at least to the tenth century. The church features a magnificent baroque facade and a bell tower with five bells. The interior is adorned with paintings, stuccoes, and gilded decorations1. You can find it at Piazza S. Giovanni Battista, 22021 Bellagio. (Photos 97-98-99) – Via Melzi d’Eril is a street in Bellagio which runs Via Paolo Carcano to Viale Domenico Vitali (Photos 101-102-103-104-105)

The Giardini di Villa Melzi is a stunning botanical garden located on the shores of Lake Como in Bellagio. It is one of the most emblematic examples of neo-classicism in Lombardy and was built in 1808 for the Duke Francesco Melzi d’Eril, assistant to General Napoleon. The gardens are home to a rich variety of rare and exotic plants, including ancient trees, camellia hedges, azalea and rhododendron woods, and magnificent statues. Visitors can enjoy picturesque views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains while strolling through the lush greenery and colorful flowers. Please note that comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended for your visit. Dogs are welcome in the gardens but must be kept on a leash. Bicycles and scooters are not allowed inside the gardens. There are toilets available for visitors with disabilities. (Photos 109-144)

Bellagio Cusine – some of the dishes that are typical of the Lake Como area are: – Risotto con Filetti di Pesce Persico (Perch With Risotto): This is a dish made with perch, a fish that is abundant in Lake Como, and creamy rice cooked with butter, cheese, and wine. It is sometimes served with butternut squash, sage, and parmesan cheese. – Brasato di Cinghiale Selvatico (Braised Wild Boar): This is a dish made with wild boar meat that is marinated in wine and herbs and then cooked slowly until tender. It is often served with polenta, a cornmeal porridge, and fresh vegetables. Polenta: This is a staple food in the Lake Como area, made from boiled cornmeal that can be served in different ways. Some people like it creamy and hot, while others prefer it cooled and sliced. It can be eaten plain or with cheese, butter, meat sauce, or mushrooms.

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Photo Gallery of Walk 1 – Hotel Domus, Via Parrocchiale to Via del Torcio
Approximately 1.33 km – 0.83 miles

The walk starts at Hotel Domus, Via Parrocchiale – Via Parrocchiale – Chiesa Parrocchiale B.V. Maria Annunciata di Visgnola, Piazza Don G Cantoni – Via Parrocchiale – Piazza Canestri – Via S. Martino – Chiesa di San Martino, Via S. Martino – Via S. Martino – Via Nuova – Via per Lecco – Via, Piazza Maddalena Soldati – Via Nuova – Via del Torcio

Photo Gallery of Walk 2 – Cimitero Del Borgo, Via Valassina to Lungo Lario Manzoni
Approximately 1.00 km – 0.63 miles

The walk starts in Cimitero Del Borgo, Via Valassina – Parcheggio, Via Valassina – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi – Chiesa di San Giorgio, Via Bellosio – Parco Martiri della Libertà – Via Lungo Lario Manzoni

Photo Gallery of Walk 3  – Lungolago Europa to Via Giuseppe Garibaldi
Approximately 1.98 km – 1.23 miles

The walk starts in Lungolago Europa – Via Lungo Lario Manzoni – Salita Serbelloni – Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini – Via Roma – Via Eugenio Vitali – Walk back along Via Eugenio Vitali to Via Roma – Piazza della Chiesa – Basilica of St. Giacomo, Piazza della Chiesa – Salita Plinio – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi

Photo Gallery of Walk 4 – Viale Domenico Vitali to Via Paolo Carcano
Approximately 3.38 km – 2.10 miles

The walk starts in Viale Domenico Vitali – Via Paolo Carcano – Piazza Sant’Andrea – Chiesa di Sant’Andrea, Piazza Sant’Andrea – Piazza Sant’Andrea – Giardini pubblici, Via Papa Giovanni XXIII’ – Via Jacopo Rezia – Via Lodovico Loreti – Piazza S. Giovanni Battista – Via Lodovico Loreti – Via Jacopo Rezia – Via Papa Giovanni XXIII’ – Via Paolo Carcano – Via Melzi d’Eril – Viale Domenico Vitali – Via Paolo Carcano

Photo Gallery of Giardini di Villa Melzi