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Is a town and comune in the Aosta Valley region of northwestern Italy.

Sights include a bell tower from a now disappeared 15th century Romanesque church and a medieval watchtower (built in the 12th century on a Roman foundation). Wikipedia

Video 1 – Centro Storico to Rue Albert Deffeyes
Approximately 1.42 km – 0.88 miles

The walk starts in Centro Storico – Chiesa parrocchiale di Santa Maria Assunta, Ruelle Millet – Ruelle des Greniers – Centro Storico – Via dei Mulini – Centro Storico – Via des Forges – Centro Storico – Strade Statali – Rue des Vergers – Strade Statali – Rue Albert Deffeyes – Piazza Emilio Chanoux – Rue Albert Deffeyes

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