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Finale Ligure

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Is a comune on the Gulf of Genoa in the Province of Savona in Liguria, Italy. It is considered part of the Italian Riviera.

Known for its white sand beaches and its views, Finale Ligure is located directly adjacent to the Rock of Caprazoppa, a steep limestone mountain on the southwest, and much of the town extends up hill slopes. The town has a lively commercial district. The boardwalk is lined with palm trees and many restaurants from the adjacent street have located large, open-air dining rooms along it.

The town of is nominally divided into three “boroughs”. Finale Ligure Marina (Finalmarina) is the main seaside part of the town, most frequented by tourists, while Finale Pia (Finalpia) is the traditional center of the town, where a Benedictine abbey still stands. Finalborgo, the third borough and located further inland, consists of an old walled medieval town built at the joncion of two streams: Aquila and Pora. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Walk  – Salita del Grilloto Piazza Cavour
Approximately 1.24 km – 0.77 miles

The walk starts in Salita del Grillo – Via Torino – Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini – Via Avvocato Emanuele Rossi – San Giovanni Battista – Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini – Via Avvocato Emanuele Rossi – Via Giuseppe Garibaldi – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II – Via Concezione – Lungomare Augusto Migliorini – Via S. Pietro – Vico Tubino – Via Cristoforo Colombo – Via Aurelia – Piazza Cavour – Lungomare Augusto Migliorini – Piazza Cavour

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Finale Ligure

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Finale Ligure

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