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Italy in Photos

Photos of Italy taken on Walks in the Cities Towns & Villages of Italia

Welcome to Italy in Photos, where we invite you to explore Gioia Tauro which is a comune in the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, Italy. It is located on the Tyrrhenian coast and has a population of approximately 19,227 people. The town has been continuously inhabited for more than 2500 years and was established by Greeks from Zancle around 400 BC. It is known for its seaport, which is one of the largest in Europe and the largest in Italy for container throughput. The port is situated along the route connecting Suez to Gibraltar, making it one of the busiest maritime corridors in the world. The town has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. It is also known for its association with the ‘Ndrangheta, a network of family clans that share cultural and criminal ties but operate largely independently. The town has been featured in several movies and TV shows, including “Gomorrah” and “Suburra”4. With Italy in Photos, be transported to Gioia Tauro’s world, one image at a time.

Hotel Palace can be found in Via Nazionale which is a street that runs right through the town of Gioia Tauro (Photos 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10) – Lungomare Tysandros is a street in Gioia Tauro which runs from Via Nazionale to Via Quattro Novembre. (Photos 11-12-13) – Via Piccola Velocità is a street in Gioia Tauro which runs from Lungomare Tysandros to the Stazione FS di Gioia Tauro. (Photos 14-15-16) – Via Stella Polare is a street in Gioia Tauro which runs from Via Stella Polare to Via Stella Polare. (Photos 17-18-19) – Viale Rimembranze is a street in Gioia Tauro which runs from Via Roma to Viale Rimembranze. (Photo 20)

Gioia Tauro Cuisine:- Gioia Tauro has a rich history and culture, and its cuisine reflects that. Some of the dishes that are typical of Gioia Tauro are:- Pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines):- This is a traditional dish that originated from the ancient Greek colonists who settled in Gioia Tauro and other parts of Southern Italy. It consists of pasta (usually bucatini or spaghetti) cooked with fresh sardines, fennel, pine nuts, raisins, saffron, and anchovies. It is a savory and sweet dish that is often served during Easter or other festive occasions. – Cuzzupe (Easter bread):- This is a sweet bread that is shaped into various forms, such as braids, rings, baskets, or animals. It is made with flour, eggs, sugar, butter, yeast, and flavoured with orange zest, vanilla, or anise. It is decorated with coloured eggs and sprinkles and baked until golden. It is a symbol of rebirth and fertility and is usually eaten on Easter morning or given as a gift to friends and relatives. – Soppressata (cured sausage):- This is a type of salami that is made from pork meat and fat, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and sometimes hot peppers. It is stuffed into natural casings and pressed between wooden planks to give it a flattened shape. It is then hung to dry for several months until it becomes hard and dark red. It is sliced thinly and eaten as an appetizer or snack with bread and cheese.

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Photo Gallery of Walk – Via Nazionale to Viale Rimembranze
Approximately 0.00 km – 0.00 miles

The walk starts in – Via Nazionale – Walk back along Via Nazionale – Via Giuseppe Lomoro – Stazione FS di Gioia Tauro – Stazione, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, Via Stella Polare – Via Torino – Viale Rimembranze