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La Spezia

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At the head of the Gulf of La Spezia in the southern part of the Liguria region of Northern Italy, is the capital city of the province of La Spezia.

In terms of population, La Spezia is the second city in the Liguria region, just after Genoa. Located roughly midway between Genoa and Pisa, on the Ligurian Sea, it is one of the main Italian military and commercial harbours and a major Italian Navy base. A significant railway junction, it is notable for its museums, for the Palio del Golfo rowing race, and for railway and boat links with the Cinque Terre. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Walk in La Spezia  – Stazione La Spezia Centrale, Piazzetta Ancona to Passeggiata Costantino Morin
Approximately 4.52 km – 2.80 miles

Walk sarts at Stazione La Spezia Centrale – Piazzetta Ancona – Via Fiume – Piazza Saint Bon – Via Fiume – Via Lazzaro Spallanzani – Via del Prione – Via Napoli – Walk back along Via Napoli to Via del Prione – Via del Vecchio Ospedale – Via del Prione – Salita Quintino Sella – Via XX Settembre – Walk back down to Salita Quintino Sella – Via del Prione – Via Baldassarre Biassa – Piazza Giulio Beverini – Walk back to Via del Prione – Via Calatafimi, Piazza Sant’ Agostino – Walk back to Via del Prione – Via Armando Diaz Giardini Pubblici  – Banchina Thaon di Revel  – Walk back to – Passeggiata Costantino Morin

Video of Walk in
La Spezia

Map of Walk in
La Spezia

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