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Lecco is a city of 48,131 inhabitants in Lombardia, northern Italy, 50 kilometres north of Milan. It lies at the end of the south-eastern branch of Lake Como.  The Bergamo Alps rise to the north and east, cut through by the Valsassina of which Lecco marks the southern end. The lake narrows to form the river Adda, so bridges were built to improve road communications with Como and Milan. There are four bridges crossing the river Adda in Lecco: the Azzone Visconti Bridge (1336–1338), the Kennedy Bridge (1956) and the Alessandro Manzoni Bridge (1985) and a railroad bridge.

Known for being the place where the writer Alessandro Manzoni set “The Betrothed”, the city is located in one of the vertexes of the Larian Triangle. It overlooks the eastern branch of Lake Como and is included in the Orobic Prealps, between the Grigne mountain chain and the Resegone.

As strategic crossroads for Valtellina, the city assumed increasing importance during the Middle Ages when it was annexed to the Duchy of Milan following the Peace of Constance. During the second half of the 19th century, under the Austrian dominion, the city went through a particularly flourishing period during which palaces and arcades in neoclassical style were constructed. After the Unity of Italy, it established itself as one of the most important industrial centers of the nation thanks to the development of the steel industries, already active in the 12th century. For this reason, the city is also called “the Iron city”. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of Walk in Lecco – Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, Malgrate to Lungolario CesareVia Battisti
Approximately 2.48 km – 1.54 miles

The walk starts in Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, Malgrate – Via Alessandro Volta, Malgrate – Viale Italia, Malgrate – Ponte Kennedy – Via Adda – Via Raffaello Sanzio – Via Leonardo Da Vinci – Via Costituzione – Lungolario Isonzo – Monumento ai caduti – Via Martiri delle Foibe – Lungolario Isonzo – Piazza XX Settembre – Piazza Cermenati Mario – Vicolo Canonica – Via S. Nicolò – Vicolo Canonica – Piazza Cermenati Mario – Lungolario Cesare Via Battisti

Please note, some of the street names were taken from the Michelin Street map for Lecco

Video of Walk in

Map of Walk in

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