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Riva del Garda

Is a town and comune in the northern Italian province of Trento of the Trentino Alto Adige region. It is also known simply as Riva and is located at the northern tip of the Lago di Garda. It is situated at the north-western corner of Lago di Garda, approximately 70 metres above sea level. The town is located at the southern edge of the Italian Alps near the Dolomites. It is bordered by Monte Rocchetta to the west and Monte Brione, 376 metres above sea level, to the east. East of the town is the village Torbole, bordered by Monte Baldo.

Winters are chilly and relatively sunny; snow isn’t rare, although since the late 1980s Riva has seen a noticeable decrease of snowfalls and yearly amounts (like the rest of northern Italy) due to the warming trends of the winter in the past 30 years. Summers are warm but rarely hot and/or muggy, mainly thanks to the local and mild lake breeze in the afternoon hours and some scattered thunderstorms in the late afternoon. Wikipedia

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Photo Gallery of  Walk – Viale Trento to Piazza Catena
Approximately 1.81 km – 1.12 miles

The walk starts in Viale Trento – Viale dei Tigli – Largo Guglielmo Marconi – Viale Canella Giuseppe – Viale Roma – Viale Madruzzo – Viale Roma – Via Francesca Alberti-Lutti – Viale Roma – Viale Dante Alighieri – Via Giuseppe Mazzini – Via S. Maria – Via Giuseppe Mazzini – Piazza del Brolio – Viale Liberazione -Walk back to Piazza del Brolio – Piazza Cesare Battisti – Piazza Garibaldi – Lungolago Marinai d’Italia – Piazza Catena

Video of Walk in
Riva del Garda

Map of Walk in
Riva del Garda

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